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Certified Meditation Teacher ERIC CORVERS C.M.I.  meditationwitheric@gmail.com

UHT CMI certificate

1 Hour Meditation Class AGENDA
Guided Instruction: preparing the body & mind – 20 min
Vipassana meditation – 20 min                                                                                                  Discourse – 20 min

Discourse will include topics such as: ego, mind/body connection, meditation research, meditation in everyday lives, and discussion from Q & A. Please remember to bring your personal blankets/pillows/bolsters to provide your own comfort! Also bring a journal or notebook if you enjoy writing things down.

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Mindful Minute “Listening”

LIVE CLASSES first & last Tues of every month. NEXT CLASSES are Tues, Mar 28th & Apr 4th @ Kiwanis Centre, Sarnia @ 8-9pm. See class schedule.

Do your kid’s need a’Kit Kat’ break? Or perhaps you’re feeling a little tense in the shoulders, had one too many cups of coffee, burnt your toast again or just realized your kid’s 10 gallon aquarium has a slow leak. Designed for CHILDREN’S MEDITATION, this mindful minute can be enjoyed by all ages. A moment to recharge your battery…

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Roadside Mangoes & Regrets: NEW PODCAST episode

Check out Eric’s new podcast Episode #09 “Roadside Mangoes & Regrets” available on iTunes and for Android. Eric uncovers the Circadian diet & intermittent fasting (click link for 10 Evidence-Based Health Benefits to Intermittent Fasting), how to handle regret, and a first experience of when the benefits of meditation touched his everyday active life. Join the conclusion of each podcast with a guided meditation session.

Episode 09 cover.001

LIVE CLASSES first & last Tues of every month. NEXT CLASS is Tues, Mar 28th @ Kiwanis Centre, Sarnia @ 8-9pm. See class schedule.

Also new are my recommendations on MEDITATION CUSHIONS and POSTURE. See the Meditation 101 blog page.

Everyday Mindfulness artwork

***Everyday Mindfulness tips are strategies you can use to help return your mind to the moment in your everyday active life***

DRIVING WITH BOTH HANDS ON THE WHEEL: you’d be amazed how well this strategy works to connect to the moment. Get those hands “10 & 2” o’clock on the wheel or get crazy and go “9 & 3“! Compliment your wheel hold by bringing your upper body off the seat and into an upright comfortable position. Turn the radio/music off. Pay attention to what you see, what you hear, what you feel and especially note how your EGO responds to this new driving position!!! Your EGO may be furious because your EGO is certain other’s will think you’re a loser.





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The purpose of meditation

LIVE CLASSES first & last Tues of every month. NEXT CLASS is Tues, Mar 7th @ Kiwanis Centre, Sarnia @ 8-9pm. See class schedule.

WHY take the time to meditate when we could be sleeping, getting things done or out enjoying ourselves? Why? Because we’re human. All humans find themselves heir to an inherent unsatisfactoriness in life that simply won’t go away. We suppress it and we’re awesome at distracting ourselves, but this unsatisfactoriness always creeps back. Part of coping with this unsatisfactoriness is our monkey mind – the endless stream of mind chatter jumping from thought to thought. So the purpose of meditation is to tame the monkey, improve mind control & shine the light on the cause of this unsatisfactoriness that we all feel. In meditation, you learn to focus on what YOU want to focus on; which allows you to move your attention away from the chatter of thoughts that do not serve you. And every time you re-direct your attention to your target of focus (e.g., the breath or making a taco), you STRENGTHEN your ability to control your mind – which often results in a little more SATISFACTION in life


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How to make decisions

LIVE CLASSES first & last Tues of every month. NEXT LIVE CLASS is Tues, Feb 28th @ Kiwanis Centre, Sarnia @ 8-9pm. See blog for details.

HOW TO MAKE DECISIONS decision-making

We’ve all been there. Consumed by a decision. Torn between choices. The monkey mind obsessively worrying about making the “right” decision. Here’s a strategy that’s helped me which I’ve tweaked from this Wiki How To Do Anything article. Grab your JOURNAL and answer these questions:

STEP 1: What’s the decision?

STEP 2: List your FEARS of making the choice (you may have more than one choice. Keep asking yourself why you have this fear and you may uncover the root of your fears. You may also discover if your decision is being driven by guilt based on conditioned beliefs)

STEP 3: What’s the worst case scenario?

STEP 4: Is your choice(s) reversible? (usually they are)

STEP 5: Gather/research as much information as possible about your choice(s).

STEP 6: meditate (take some time to focus on your breath & clear your mind. Click here for meditation instructions)

STEP 7: Talk to trusted family and friends. Get their thoughts/opinions.

STEP 8: Sleep on it.

STEP 9: Who is affected? Is your choice mutually beneficially to those who will be affected?

STEP 10: Trust your gut feeling (we often overthink decisions. Meditation will help you listen to your gut)

STEP 11: meditate

… and lastly, remember that feeling REGRET is your choice. When you feel REGRET, you have chosen to ignore the lesson. You simply can’t make a wrong decision if you believe that every single decision/event presents a valuable lesson with your name on it! Any decision we ever make is the best possible decision at that given moment in time (otherwise, we wouldn’t have made that decision). Honour that you are always doing the best you know how.


eric 🙂

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How to deal with fear. NEXT CLASS Feb 7

Thanks to everyone who came out for last week’s class. The Eckhart Tolle video below helped us acquire a new strategy to deal with fear or any other negative emotion that comes up in our everyday active lives: worry, guilt, resentment, regret, anger etc…

We discover that we cannot just “get rid” of our negative emotions/feelings/thoughts… we can distract ourselves from them, but nothing more. ACCEPTANCE is the key. Beyond everyday emotions, Eckhart encourages us to consider what our main life “obstacle” is? If we can learn to accept it, we discover this very obstacle can be a window to our salvation… to more peace & happiness. So… what’s your main obstacle in life? Perhaps you have chronic worry, or a traumatic injury or event. Get your journal out & see what’s up!

NEXT LIVE CLASS is Tues, Feb 7th @ Kiwanis Centre, Sarnia @ 8-9pm. See blog for details.


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The Rule of Three

Hi everyone. Eric here with a reminder that the purpose of meditation is to improve mind control – to improve your ability to focus on what YOU want to focus on. Every time you recognize thinking, and then re-direct your attention to your target of focus (e.g., the breath or driving your car), you STRENGTHEN your ability to control your mind… much like a jedi.


NEXT LIVE CLASS @ SARNIA KIWANIS CENTRE is Tues, Jan 31, 2017 @ 8-9pm. See class schedule here

And also to help with your daily focus, this “Rule of Three” article sent from a friend has done wonders for my daily productivity stress level:

Rather than having a running list of 10, 20, or even more items on your daily to-do list, or worse, going into a work day blind and without any direction, there come a great many benefits from simply writing down the 3 most important things you want to get done, and giving those things your laser focus and highest energy.

You work deliberately rather than reactively. A lot of people work based on the input they get throughout the day — their schedule defaults to whatever happens and comes in from the moment they sit down at their desk: phone calls that need answering, emails that need replies, a boss reminding them of something they forgot to do. When you use the Rule of 3, however, you design your day based on your job description and what will add the most value to your business. Wouldn’t you rather have the job on your business card versus the job of Office Firefighter? Don’t walk into your day without a plan; it’s a recipe for being controlled by outside influences rather than what’s most important.

Keeps you on track when you get off track. If you’re like me, you’ve had moments in the day where you snap to reality and not only realize you’ve been distracted for 30 minutes, but you can’t even remember what you were working on before. When you have 3 high-priority items written out, though, you can always turn to them and know exactly what was happening, and what needs to happen throughout the rest of the day.

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Live class Tues, Dec 6: Learn 4-7-8 breathing

Next live class is Tues, Dec 6 @ 8-9pm at Sarnia’s Lochiel Kiwanis Community Centre. In this class, we will learn and practice “4-7-8” deep breathing to help gain balance throughout your day and also to prepare the mind for meditation. Try it now!

“4-7-8” deep breathing

  • breath in one deep breath through your nose for a count of 4 seconds
  • hold your breath for 7 seconds
  • release your breath slowing yet forcefully through pursed lips out your mouth for 8 seconds
  • repeat

After meditation, our discourse will focus on feeling complete… right now… specifically in your current life… yes you… I’m talking about you and your life.

Live classes run first & last Tuesday of every month (no class Dec 27, & Jan 3… so next live class after Dec 6 is scheduled for Jan 31, 2017). YOUR FIRST CLASS IS FREE. $10/class. Bring a cushion and wear comfortable clothing. Namaste🙂


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