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Certified Meditation Teacher ERIC CORVERS C.M.I.  meditationwitheric@gmail.com

UHT CMI certificate

1.5 Hour MONTHLY Meditation WORKSHOPS @ INNER DAWN YOGA on the FIRST WEDNESDAY of every month 7-8:30pm                                                                            Guided Instruction: preparing the body & mind – 30 min
Vipassana meditation – 20 min                                                                                                 Discourse – 20 min

Discourse will include topics such as: ego, mind/body connection, meditation research, meditation in everyday lives, and discussion from Q & A. Please remember to bring your personal blankets/pillows/bolsters to provide your own comfort! Also bring a journal or notebook if you enjoy writing things down.

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🎧 Meditation with Eric PODCAST #10 on YOUTUBE 📺

🎧 Check out Meditation with Eric PODCAST Episode #10 “Morning Routine” on YOUTUBE 📺 (just click the pic below) 🌀Visit the Zen Den to watch the intro of this episode where Eric dives into his 7-Step morning routine and the benefits of “Frequency over Quantity”. To hear the full “live class” audio podcast with a guided meditation, choose iTunes or Android here

MWE #10 YouTube Cover


  1. Wed, Oct 25th @ Lambton College: SOLD OUT
  2. Wed, Nov 1st @ 7-8:30pm @ Inner Dawn Yoga: call Inner Dawn Yoga to book your spot (519) 491-7949


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🌀Meditation VS Mindfulness🏃🏻

Thank you everyone who came out to the first official MONTHLY WORKSHOP at Inner Dawn Yoga studio. Workshops @ Inner Dawn Yoga run first WEDNESDAY of every month 7-8:30pm – next Inner Dawn workshop is Nov 1st (see Schedule for rego details).

In last week’s Workshop, here’s what we covered…

There is a time to LET and a time to GO

Oct 4 ID pic

LET: Meditation is the time we make to sit distraction free, and practice directing the attention of our mind to a single point of focus. We train the mind to focus on what WE want to focus on – and avoid being victim to a wild chattering mind. To have more peace, we need to practice feeling peaceful. In meditation, we LET GO and SURRENDER. We ALLOW our breath to fall natural and control nothing in our bodies (except maintaining an upright comfortable position).

GO: Mindfulness is directing our minds to experience sensations in any given moment during our everyday active busy lives. Mindfulness is being in the NOW while on the GO. Here’s a list of HOMEWORK strategies we can use in our everyday active lives to incorporate mindfulness:

  1. The Waking Moment – think of simple things to be grateful for. Then imagine your entire day in fast-forward with a smile on your face
  2. Deep Breathing – try to breath deeper than usual at any time
  3. Mindful Walking – pay attention to sensation in your feet. Keep your gaze on the horizon. Look into the bright sky without sunglasses and absorb the benefits of natural daylight on your eyes
  4. Humming – calm your mind and body with silent humming
  5. Cold Showers – crank it to cold and enjoy the benefits of cold therapy
  6. Mindful EATING – try to have a few meals without reading anything or looking at screens
  7. Mindful DRIVING – two hands on the wheel with no radio or music…or texting!



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🦋SEMINAR: Mindfulness for you & the children you care for

Join Eric Corvers at the Lambton College Oct 25, 2017 for an evening of FIRST: learning mindfulness strategies specifically for busy adults – enabling you to promote your own well-being in everyday active life, and SECOND: learning mindfulness strategies to practice with children. REGISTRATION DETAILS BELOW…

PPRC Seminar Oct 25, 2017

REGISTRATION for Eric’s PPRC Lambton College Oct 25th SEMINAR

The PPRC is now using Eventbrite as their registration tool. This new system will allow participants or organizations to register one or more people and provides an immediate confirmation. Full Information is required for each participant.

Each event is set to close 2-4 days before the event takes place. Please register early to avoid disappointment.

Ready to Register? Follow the link below to see all events being offered. You can click on the link below (electronic copy) or type this link into your browser.


Simply choose the event or events you wish to register for and click the register button on the right hand side of the page. If you have any questions regarding this new process please contact Kim Jackson at 519-542-7751, ext. 3280.

CANCELLATION—Your confirmation page provides details on how to cancel your space if you are unable to attend. Please print or save that confirmation for future reference.

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Join us on the first Wednesday of every month for live meditation workshops with Eric @ Inner Dawn Yoga, Sarnia. The first two workshops on Wed, Oct 4th & Wed, Nov 1st are special “Yoga of Hope” workshops to support Lucien Nadeau and family. See registration details below…

YogaOFhope InnerDawn


  • Wed, Oct 4, 2017 @ 7-8:30pm – INNER DAWN YOGA studio / SPECIAL “Yoga of Hope” Workshop/ min $5 donation – register online or call Inner Dawn 
  • Wed, Nov 1, 2017 @ 7-8:30pm –  INNER DAWN YOGA studio / SPECIAL “Yoga of Hope” Workshop/ min $5 donation – register online or call Inner Dawn

Sign up for the above workshops online for free at www.innerdawnyoga.com and donate the day of the meditation workshops in the studio. Namaste!


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🚀 imagine… coffee ☕️ & salt for 🔝 performance!

I just returned from the Rocky Mountains on a family vacation. The mountains, and any nature setting really, helps re-set the mind & body. We needed that! On our travels, I brought along our “Bullet Proof coffee kit” and “First Thing in the Morning Warm Salt Water” and now have lots of inquires as to what’s up with this coffee & salt??!!

bullet logo

My wife and I had our first Bullet Proof coffee about 3 months ago and well… we haven’t stopped. It’s gotten to the point that when put in front of a regular or even specialty coffee, we end up thinking, “boy….I wish this was a bullet proof“. The affects of BP coffee are different for everyone. Some hate the taste/texture & won’t drink it, some love it right away. I love the tangible positive impact of the high quality fats on my brain & body function, without any coffee jitters!! Because of these fuelling fats, this drink is truly a meal, not just a beverage. I find a BP coffee satisfies my appetite for hours and gives me great energy, clarity and a happy gut! Click here for the official Bullet Proof website & recipe. Here’s the recipe I use:

-brew coffee as you normally would (I grind my own Light Roast locally roasted beans and then brew in a French Press – so easy!!)
-1 tsp MCT oil (this is Medium Chain Triglycerides of coconut oil sometimes called “Brain Octane”)
-1 tbsp grass fed butter (you can use butter or ghee – I like ghee because it lasts longer, easier to travel with & not as messy to store)
Add all ingredients to a wide mouth mason jar & blend with hand emulsifier OR blend ingredients in a small blender. MUST be blended at high speed… can’t just be stirred.
OPTIONAL ADD INS: I always add the following:
-Good pinch of quality Himalayan salt or any quality sea salt
-organic cinnamon
-Dr. Axe powdered multi-collagen (or any grass fed collagen powder)
You could also try organic vanilla or chocolate or anything else you’d like to experiment with!!

For Full Size French Press (For two people – makes 2 large mugs):
-2 tsp MCT oil
-2 tbsp grass fed ghee or butter
-2 pinches of good coarse salt
-dash of cinnimon & a full scoop of collagen powder

Screen Shot 2017-08-29 at 1.03.10 PM

Started this weeks ago and love it. Use Himalayan salt or any quality sea salt (not table salt!!). Really feel the benefit in my mind and body. When you first wake, our bodies naturally produce cortisol. Salt is known to reduce cortisol and adrenaline, two dangerous stress hormones. Salt water is also said to balance blood sugar, keep your bones strong, regulate your metabolism, boost your immune system, and calm the nervous system! Click link to read more



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🥅 What about your GOALS? / Kiwanis classes over.

Do you have a goal? Here’s a tip on what to do with it… TAKE 3 SIMPLE ACTIONS! And taking action on your goals 🥅 is easier than you’d ever imagine. Read below for tips..

Kiwanis LIVE CLASSES have ended effective immediately. I send deep thanks to the Kiwanis Community Centre in Sarnia for their incredible hospitality & space to host my classes. STAY TUNED FOR FUTURE LIVE CLASS LOCATIONS & WORKSHOPS.    

TAKING ACTION ON YOUR GOALS. Answer the following questions in your journal:

  1. What is your goal clearly defined?
  2. Why do you want to achieve it?
  3. What do you want to FEEL once you have achieved this goal? (use specific feeling emotions like “confident, at ease, relieved, content, joyful, successful, happy, proud etc…”)

Now that you’ve realized what you want is actually a FEELING, spend a couple minutes after your daily meditation to do what I call CREATION MEDITATION.

CREATION MEDITATION: With eyes closed, visualize a specific scenario of you having already obtained your goal. Most important during this visualization is to FEEL the FEELINGS you already identified as the feelings you want to feel. That’s it. Simple. How will this goal become realized? It’s NONE of your business. Focus on WHAT YOU WANT & feel the FEELINGS NOW of your wish already manifested.

With repeated practice of Creation Meditation, you are re-wiring your mind to ACT & REACT in accordance with the feelings of your wish fulfilled thus manifesting your desires. This is how The Law of Attraction works. There’s no magic in “your thoughts becoming things”. It’s cognitive biology. Creation Meditation simply re-wires your brain to ACT & REACT in accordance with the feelings of your wish realized. Manifesting your desires can happen very easily and very fast if you LET GO and trust this tried, true and tested process. Most importantly, have fun with it… you are meant to enjoy life 😊.

Debating action on dreams

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“You as Creator” WORKSHOP: July 24 & 31st

Eric & InnerDawn July 2017.001

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