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Certified Meditation Teacher ERIC CORVERS C.M.I.  meditationwitheric@gmail.com

UHT CMI certificate

1 Hour Meditation Class AGENDA
Guided Instruction: preparing the body & mind – 20 min
Vipassana meditation – 20 min                                                                                                  Discourse – 20 min

Discourse will include topics such as: ego, mind/body connection, meditation research, meditation in everyday lives, and discussion from Q & A. Please remember to bring your personal blankets/pillows/bolsters to provide your own comfort! Also bring a journal or notebook if you enjoy writing things down.

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🎥 The Abundance Factor MOVIE💥FREE

You have just attracted this 💥 NEW FILM 🎥   “The Abundance Factor” into your life! Watch it now for FREE at http://www.theabundancefactormovie.com/freemovie/!! (free offer for a short time). Use the teachings in this film to CHANGE YOUR LIFE EXPERIENCE FOR THE BETTER RIGHT…..NOW ! The secrets revealed in this film are not new, but they are not widely used. Mostly because it doesn’t seem possible to manifest the EXACT LIFE EXPERIENCES you want. But it works. I’ve experienced it and so have many, many others. But it requires some RISK. You need to try it. Drop your old beliefs and conditioning and just try it. As a bonus…this film is Canadian 🇨🇦  made !!

WE WILL CONDUCT A FILM STUDY IN OUR NEXT MEDITATION CLASS May 30th @ Kiwanis Centre @ 8pm based on this film. Please watch it ahead of time.


abundance factor

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Guide to Intermittent Fasting 🛑 No class May 2nd

I realized long ago that every time I snack late or even eat dessert after dinner, I feel drained of energy, uncomfortable, often filled with heart burn, have disturbed sleep and wake with low energy in the morning.  So I cut out desserts and late night snacking and experienced a complete shift in energy, mood boost, better sleep and way more energy in the morning. Then I heard Joe Rogan’s interview with Dr. Rhonda Patrick, who explained the science & biology behind intermittent fasting. First and foremost, your nighttime energy should be dedicated to cell regeneration, not digestion. Check out the BENEFITS to INTERMITTENT FASTING. Try it and experience the tremendous benefit to your sitting and active meditation. I’ve also started intermittent fasting throughout the day. New research says we SHOULD NOT be “snacking like a bird all day”, but eating a few distinct meals – allowing our bodies to experience an empty stomach and the benefits of fasting. Just try it and experience it yourself. Mind control is needed, however, to resist the temptation of unnecessary eating – particularly late night snacking. MEDITATION is your key to building mind control.

intermittent fasting

NO CLASS MAY 2nd. LIVE CLASSES first & last Tues of every month. NEXT CLASS is Tues, May 30th @ Kiwanis Centre, Sarnia @ 8-9pm. See class schedule.

For everyday active LIfe

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Unpacking DESIRE. Next class Tues, Apr 25

Desire. It’s as natural as breathing. Yet the Buddha taught that all suffering is caused by ATTACHMENT to things which are constantly changing – and more specifically, craving things we don’t have, and craving things we don’t like to go away.

Join Eric in our next class as we learn to meditate and then unpack the difference between DESIRE FROM A POSITION OF LACK vs DESIRE FROM A POSITION OF ABUNDANCE and see how this concept compliments the teachings of the Buddha.

LIVE CLASSES first & last Tues of every month. NEXT CLASS is Tues, Apr 25th @ Kiwanis Centre, Sarnia @ 8-9pm. NO CLASS MAY 2nd. See class schedule.



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🎯 How to Get What You Want

LIVE CLASSES first & last Tues of every month. NEXT CLASS is Tues, Apr 4th @ Kiwanis Centre, Sarnia @ 8-9pm. NO CLASS MAY 2nd. See class schedule.

🎯 How to Get What You Want RIGHT NOW

What do you want? What do you really want? Underneath common desires like financial freedom 💰, better health🏃‍, fame, better relationships 💑, a better job, a better neighbourhood with a better home 🏡 , better sleep 😴, more leisure time, more vacations ✈️ , a new laptop, better clothes, and better cars 🚗 ; lies a universal desire. A foundational desire shared by all. The desire to feel COMPLETE. A completeness that can also be described as contentment, satisfaction, peace, love, and joy. As it turns out, our underlying desire is indeed NOT a thing or an achievement; it’s a FEELING.

In our last class, we listened to the very intriguing Abraham-Hicks audio below. Abraham-Hicks reveals that you can manifest all your desires of abundance by generating FEELINGS of abundance NOW; thus matching your present moment vibrational frequency with the vibrational frequency of your desires – all governed by the LAW OF ATTRACTION. Feelings of abundance NOW attracts the EXPERIENCE of abundance. Feelings of completeness NOW manifests more completeness – which is what we’re ultimately after in the first place! And here’s the best part, you need NOT to be concerned with HOW your desires will manifest (how you’ll improve a relationship or how you’ll acquire more 💰💰💰). HOW it will happen is none of your business. You just need to learn HOW to generate positive feelings in the NOW.

HOW do you generate positive feelings in the NOW? How do you get this positive vibrational frequency happening in the NOW? How do you redirect your habitual negative thought patterns to positive thought? This is where I can help out.

MWE ALBUM ARTWORK noPodcast HOW to generate positive feelings in the NOW MWE ALBUM ARTWORK noPodcast

STEP ONE: SMILE 🙂  into awareness of the present moment (awareness of any sensory input).

STEP TWO: Generate positive FEELINGS by drifting amongst the THREE POINTS of GRATITUDE:

  • GRATITUDE for the past (recall memories that can fill you with feelings of joy, abundance & love right here in the NOW)
  • GRATITUDE for the present moment (again… return to AWARENESS of any sensory input in the NOW)
  • GRATITUDE for your DESIRES (imagine already having what you desire and feel the feeling

Sounds great Eric, but easier said than done. Keeping the mind focused on the THREE POINTS of GRATITUDE, and re-directing the mind from negative thoughts, takes tremendous cognitive strength and skill.

ENTER MEDITATION 🌀 : meditation is how we learn to control our minds and direct our focus of attention on the things WE WANT to focus on. Meditation provides the training needed to execute the TWO STEPS to generating positive feelings in the NOW – ultimately gaining the power to manifest what we want right now. Learn and practice all of this @ Meditation with Eric LIVE CLASSES

NEXT CLASS is Tues, Apr 4th @ Kiwanis Centre @ 8-9pm. Bring your journal

Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 8.23.37 AM

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Mindful Minute “Listening”

LIVE CLASSES first & last Tues of every month. NEXT CLASSES are Tues, Mar 28th & Apr 4th @ Kiwanis Centre, Sarnia @ 8-9pm. See class schedule.

Do your kid’s need a’Kit Kat’ break? Or perhaps you’re feeling a little tense in the shoulders, had one too many cups of coffee, burnt your toast again or just realized your kid’s 10 gallon aquarium has a slow leak. Designed for CHILDREN’S MEDITATION, this mindful minute can be enjoyed by all ages. A moment to recharge your battery…

Screen Shot 2017-03-25 at 2.32.38 PM

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Roadside Mangoes & Regrets: NEW PODCAST episode

Check out Eric’s new podcast Episode #09 “Roadside Mangoes & Regrets” available on iTunes and for Android. Eric uncovers the Circadian diet & intermittent fasting (click link for 10 Evidence-Based Health Benefits to Intermittent Fasting), how to handle regret, and a first experience of when the benefits of meditation touched his everyday active life. Join the conclusion of each podcast with a guided meditation session.

Episode 09 cover.001

LIVE CLASSES first & last Tues of every month. NEXT CLASS is Tues, Mar 28th @ Kiwanis Centre, Sarnia @ 8-9pm. See class schedule.

Also new are my recommendations on MEDITATION CUSHIONS and POSTURE. See the Meditation 101 blog page.

Everyday Mindfulness artwork

***Everyday Mindfulness tips are strategies you can use to help return your mind to the moment in your everyday active life***

DRIVING WITH BOTH HANDS ON THE WHEEL: you’d be amazed how well this strategy works to connect to the moment. Get those hands “10 & 2” o’clock on the wheel or get crazy and go “9 & 3“! Compliment your wheel hold by bringing your upper body off the seat and into an upright comfortable position. Turn the radio/music off. Pay attention to what you see, what you hear, what you feel and especially note how your EGO responds to this new driving position!!! Your EGO may be furious because your EGO is certain other’s will think you’re a loser.





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The purpose of meditation

LIVE CLASSES first & last Tues of every month. NEXT CLASS is Tues, Mar 7th @ Kiwanis Centre, Sarnia @ 8-9pm. See class schedule.

WHY take the time to meditate when we could be sleeping, getting things done or out enjoying ourselves? Why? Because we’re human. All humans find themselves heir to an inherent unsatisfactoriness in life that simply won’t go away. We suppress it and we’re awesome at distracting ourselves, but this unsatisfactoriness always creeps back. Part of coping with this unsatisfactoriness is our monkey mind – the endless stream of mind chatter jumping from thought to thought. So the purpose of meditation is to tame the monkey, improve mind control & shine the light on the cause of this unsatisfactoriness that we all feel. In meditation, you learn to focus on what YOU want to focus on; which allows you to move your attention away from the chatter of thoughts that do not serve you. And every time you re-direct your attention to your target of focus (e.g., the breath or making a taco), you STRENGTHEN your ability to control your mind – which often results in a little more SATISFACTION in life


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